About Us

Little’s Oriental Balm & Phs Ltd

office-smallLittle’s Oriental Balm & Phs Ltd – a part of the Jhaver conglomerate in India, is an innovative corporate group dedicated to development. Over the years we have earned trust through strict adherence to quality and customer satisfaction. Jhaver group has made its presence felt in various industries including drugs and pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, zippers, industrial fabrics etc. With over 2500 employees comprising management professionals, scientists and engineers, the group is growing at a rapid pace with international presence.

Vision & Mission

  • To Achieve leadership through knowledge, scientific innovation and customer service
  • To Develop products in response to the needs of the market.
  • To reach out to every part of the globe and attain leadership in the international market place.

Jhaver Group


Today with diverse activities, the group has a presence in every core industry, such as drugs and Pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, zippers and industrial fabrics. In the Jhaver conglomerate every business vision is a reality. This philosophy has been translated into continuous exploration and expansion of business activities. This has made our group a 3000 million rupee group growing at a rapid pace with domestic as well as international presence.

Today the group employs 2500 dedicated people from different disciplines – scientists, engineers, technicians, business graduates etc.
The people, the business vision and global reach are the strengths of the Jhaver conglomerate.