Seed Coating

Littles Polykote covers a range of seed coating film forming polymers. We bring you the colours of nature to enhance the appearance of seeds. These polymers are aqueous based and designed for use with seed treatment chemicals. They are non-phytoxic in nature and environment friendly. They are compatible with seed treatment and planting equipment.

Improving Seed Quality

Plant Breeding & Genetic engineering contribute to improving seed genetics. Seed treatment contributes to seed quality enhancement. Polymer coating with little’s Polykote, contributes to improving seed treatment with various chemicals and addictives.


We invest in quality. Product consistency and quality is of paramount importance to us. We have established standards for every input which is thoroughly tested accordingly. Our products are tested at every stage of manufacturing process. Every batch of the finished product is tested in terms of specification and seed coating efficiency.


Seeds are treated with pesticides and certain other chemicals or bio products to improve their performance. These addictives are applied to the seed as a dry powder or as a slurry with water. Thereby a dry powder coating on the seed is produced. This coating needs to stay on the seed to effectively serve the purpose for which it has been placed there. The addition of Littles’s Polkote to the pesticide slurry helps to bind it better and form a thin film around the seed encasing the seed treatment addictives.


The main purpose of all seed polymer coating is to produce a seed of the best quality and ultimately a good crop.

  • Dust off of pesticides is eliminated leading to better protection to seed and thereby healthier seeds.
  • Reduces the pollution of pesticides at the processing plant and also at farm level.
  • Uniform distribution of the pesticides on the seeds.
  • Imparts color and improves appearance.
  • Colour is used to distinguish treated and untreated seeds.


Little’s Polykote is in use in the Asian seed industry for more than a decade.Till date our product has been used on more than 40 million acres of crops with very good results. Many multinational companies, large and small Indian seed companies are using our products year after year.seed-polykote